Easy access to high quality real estate investments in Spain once only available to professional investors.

"flip" means...

"polis" means..


Success is better when it's shared.

Flipolis allows anyone with as little as 50 Euros easy access to high quality real estate investments once only available to professional investors.

You reap the rewards when we distribute the income from your investments.

Invest in crowdfunded real estate opportunities online for as little as 50 Euros.

Relax. Your money is working for you.


Flipolis is a joint venture of Flipsimply and El Sol Grupo. Together, we have over 20 years in profitable Real Estate Management, and Crowdfunding.

We are a team of nationally and world-renowned professionals  that have come together with a common goal: To level the playing field for high quality real estate investments by accepting both big and small investors. No one is left behind.

You're in excellent hands.


We are strong believers of collaboration and community empowerment. After all, it's why Flipsimply and El Sol Grupo came together to launch Flipolis in the first place. 

Now, we're building our community and we want you to be a part of it from Day 1. We are so proud to launch our Founding Members Program before we even launch our platform. This means, we will be selecting 200 accredited or non-accredited investors, and experts in the Real Estate space that would love to be involved.

These 200 selected individuals or companies will be granted shares of Flipolis without having to cash-in. If you bring value in our community, you deserve to be rewarded with skin in the game. 


We are looking for industry experts, investors (accredited or non-accredited), influencers, and motivated big thinkers who want to be Founding Members of Flipolis.

  • Positive attitude.
  • A keen interest in crowd investments and Real Estate
  • Based in Europe.


Cristian Pastrana

Our Team


Gregorio Lopez





Koh Onozawa

Borja Blanco

Coming Together is the Beginning,

Keeping Together is Progress,

Working Together is Success.

-Henry Ford

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